The space above your kitchen cabinets usually ends up empty and dusty because you have no idea what to do with it. Most people don’t even notice that area, but there are tons of great ways to decorate that space to make your kitchen more inviting and add a little character to your home.

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Decorating Ideas above Kitchen Cabinets

Your decorations can range from something simple like a singular plant or something more complex, like a whole collection of cookbooks. What you do ultimately depends on your personal style, but you can also use this space in some useful ways as well.


If you have a small kitchen, this is your opportunity to use that space. Gather some boxes to store some of your lesser-used kitchen items, or install some built-in shelving.

You might even store cookbooks up there. They usually take up space in your kitchen just sitting around in drawers and cabinets, but now they can be displayed properly. Even if you don’t use them much, they add a lot of color and beauty to your kitchen—while keeping your kitchen from feeling cluttered.


Use that space to display your collection of mugs or cups or anything else you collect and want to display. Everyone will see it whenever they walk into your home, and you will be able to admire your collection every time you walk in.

Alternatively, you might choose something eye-catching and beautiful to put up there, like a unique vase or some pitchers filled with flowers. You can even pick something that reflects the light from outside or above nicely. Just make sure that you pick something that’s big enough to be seen.

Mirrors and Colors

You can indeed put a mirror up above your cabinets. This is a great way to extend your kitchen space if you have a smaller area or to reflect the sunlight that streams into your kitchen. 

You can even accentuate your mirror and cabinets with a little color. This might include a backsplash tile that adds some color to your space and a lot of cohesion to your design.

Art Gallery

If you have some beautiful vintage finds, this is the perfect place to put them. Arrange them to your liking above your cabinets, or choose some of the artwork you would love to have displayed.

Another useful tip is that you don’t always need to hang artwork on the walls. You can simply lean them against each other above your cabinets to create an interesting visual. If you want it to have some cohesion, consider using the same frame for everything.

Indoor Garden

That random space above your cabinets is just the right spot for some greenery—especially if you have pets or kids and want your plants to remain safe and out of reach. The only thing you have to remember is that those plants need to be ones that can survive without a lot of sunlight.

Remember that you still need to water your plants too. Consider buying a stool to help you reach up there without struggling.


There are so many options for that space above your kitchen cabinets. From plants to artwork to vintage finds, you can add a bit of personality to your home. You can even use that space for extra storage, but no matter what you use it for, don’t neglect the opportunity to utilize that spot.